Parking Information for NYS South Campus Vaccination Site

Map of directions to Harriman Hall NYS South Campus Vaccination Site from public transit and parking.

RepublishedFebruary 3, 2021

Parking for the South Campus COVID-19 vaccination site, at Harriman Hall, is available in the Diefendorf Lot.

Visitors who need handicap access can park in designated spaces outside Harriman Hall in the Diefendorf Loop. If all handicap spaces are filled, visitors with handicap parking permits may also park in the clinic spaces in the Diefendorf Loop.

Drivers should enter campus from Bailey Ave. using Sherman Rd., proceed to Diefendorf Loop and follow the signage and/or directions of officers.

Law enforcement and National Guard will be assisting with traffic flow and security at the New York State vaccination site at Harriman Hall. You may be asked about the purpose of your visit to Harriman Hall for parking purposes only.

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